Create a new Smart NFT Design

NFT Design defines what the NFT looks like for a given NFT Type.

Before you get started, it always helps to know beforehand the intent for the Smart NFT. For example - is this Smart NFT going to be a simple NFT, a Vending Machine, a Booklet, or a Crate that opens and delivers some other Smart NFT?

Here are a brief set of steps to get you started.

Next, select the type of Smart NFT you are going to create.


Select the Style template to base the Smart NFT off. In this case, we are going to keep things simple and select the Booklet template. 


Once you have filled out things like Smart NFT name, description, and selected the category, please upload all the artwork and the design elements.

NFT Design saves automatically.

NFT Designs, by definition, is a reusable asset within Vatom Studio. You can reuse an NFT Design across many campaigns. 

Next, create a Campaign.