How do I purchase an NFT using ETH?

How do I purchase an NFT using ETH?

To purchase an NFT using ETH, you must have a Metamask wallet set up. 

1. Set up Metamask Wallet

2. Add ETH to Metamask Wallet

* At this time, Vatom Market only allows ETH & USD currency but we will have other offerings soon!

3. Add NFT you wish to purchase to the cart

4. Link Metamask wallet

  • On NFT you wish to purchase, select Buy Now With ETH button if it's available. *Some sellers do not accept ETH so this button may not be available on all listings. 
  • Connect your Metamask Account. When selecting this button, Metamask should open on its own over your window to sign in.

  • After connecting Metamask, you should be able to check out using your Metamask wallet. Please refer to Metamask documents for more questions.