Mint your Smart NFT to the Blockchain

Steps to mint a Smart NFT to both custodial and non-custodial addresses.

Wait! You may not want or need to "mint" your NFT just yet

You can view, send, list and sell Vatom Smart NFTs on Vatom Marketplace for US Dollars or Etherium without "minting" your NFT to Polygon or Etherium.

Vatom Smart NFTs are already "minted" or created and given an identifier. When you sign up for Vatom Wallet you are given a custodial wallet address that all your objects are tied to. Your phone or email address that you registered with is your login to access the wallet.

Vatom also provides support for non-custodial wallets. For instructions on how to add your non-custodial wallet to the Vatom wallet - Visit the guide here.

Vatom Smart NFTs are built with special functionality that is available only in Vatom Wallet. 

Minting Vatom Smart NFTs to the blockchain can disable Smart Elements of your NFT, including coupons, additional information cards and more. 

Transferring to another wallet may incur gas fees to the person transferring.

Minting Vatom NFTs to self-custodial wallet

  • Visit If you are not logged in, please log in.
  • Select/Open the Smart NFT that you'd like to mint.
  • Click on the ellipsis/three dots on the top to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • Select "Mint on Polygon", "Mint on Ethereum", etc.
  • Paste your Metamask or Wallet Address into the field and Confirm
  • View NFTs stored in Metamask Wallet on

As a user, you do not have a choice to select the blockchain. The creator of the NFT has made the blockchain selection (Ethereum, Polygon, Palm, etc.) based on the nature of the project and the rarity of the NFT. 

The creator may also choose to disable minting to Blockchain. If you do not see the option to "Mint on Polygon Mainnet" or "Mint on Etherium Mainnet" the creator has decided to keep this NFT within the Vatom SmartNFT ecosystem.

Viewing Vatom NFTs on

Vatom objects may display as "hidden" by OpenSea when transferred to a self-custodial wallet. You can "Unhide" these objects by navigating to the "Hidden" tab of your profile, select the NFT, and choose "unhide".