Report an Issue

We want to know what's wrong.

Before reporting issues, please confirm the following:

  • You have a stable internet connection.
  • You are using Google Chrome browser. Safari is not supported and you will experience issues.
  • You are not in an Incognito Window. 

Report issues to . Try to include:

  • Any screenshots of the issue occuring
  • Any video documentation (Loom is great)
  • The space where the issue occured.
  • The device you were on
  • The OS version of that device
  • Browser version
  • Vatom Spaces build (bottom right hand corner of main UI after clicking your profile picture in the bottom left)
  • A screenshot of the debug menu (shift+~)
  • A download of the chrome log (3 dots->more tools->developer tools->console->rightlick anywhere, save as)

Short video guide here

Report an Issue: