Getting Started in Vatom Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips for using Vatom Spaces.

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Supported Browsers and Devices

Google Chrome is the only browser that is fully supported. Others such as Safari, Firefox and Edge may work but not all of the features are supported.

Do I need to use Headphones?

We recommend using Headphones for the best experience for you and those around you. Not using headphones can lead to echo & audio feedback. If not using headphones, please keep your microphone muted whenever possible.

Why isn't my Sound/Microphone/Camera Working?

Common issues are Chrome Permissions, volume setting, 

How do I Move & Look around?

  • Mouse/Trackpad
    • Left Click & Drag to move & turn
    • Right Click & Drag or Two-Finger swipe Left/Right to rotate view angle
    • Scroll Wheel or Two Finger swipe Up/Down to Zoom In/Out
    • Double-Click anywhere to jump directly to that place.
  • Keyboard
    • Arrow Keys move Forward/Backward and rotate view
    • W-A-S-D keys to move in all directions. Q & E keys rotate view
    • X key makes avatar Jump
  • On-Screen View Controls to change view angle and zoom in/out

Why am I Hearing an Echo?

Audio "echo" can be caused by having a space open in multiple tabs/windows. Close all other tabs or windows.

Echo can also be caused by someone near you in the space who is unmuted & not wearing headphones, or a presenter who is broadcasting and un-muted. Move away from that guest in the Space, or politely ask them to mute their microphone when not speaking.

How do I get my own Space?

Register and Log-in in at