What is an Edition?

What is an edition? How do they work?

"Edition Size" defines the quantity of this NFT design that will exist. Each copy comes with a unique token identifier. 

The Edition Size cannot be changed after minting.

  • Limited Edition: Each NFT is offered for sale as a separate token. If you set Edition Size to 10, NFTs will be distributed with edition numbers like 1/10, 2/10, etc. If you want the NFT to be truly exclusive, set Edition Size to 1. For an infinita
  • Editions are created at the time of minting in Vatom Studio, the NFT creation tool. At the time of creation, it is the responsibility of the creator to track the editions. With limited editions, the collector can view how many (total) editions were created. 
  • One edition will display on the marketplace at a time unless the edition has been sold and is put up for resale. 

NOTE: If there is more than one edition for an NFT, the creator can only make 1 distribution to the Vatom Market.