Why am I hearing an echo?

Troubleshoot hearing an audio echo.

If you are hearing an audio Echo, here are some common causes and solutions.

  • Spaces are open in multiple Chrome Windows or Tabs. Close all other tabs and windows, as you could be hearing the sound from multiple windows at once.
  • Someone nearby is not muted. Move around in the Space to move away from users who are broadcasting their audio. You can also politely remind them to mute their microphone with voice or chat message by clicking on their avatar. 
  • Someone is not wearing Headphones. Laptop microphones can pick up sound from their own speakers. Use headphones instead of speakers while in Spaces.
  • A Presenter is Unmuted. Presenters can sometimes be projecting their microphones to a screen as well as to guests nearby. Move away from the presenter's avatar, or ask the presenter to mute their local microphone while presenting to a screen.